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Become our Investor partner in any country in the world and participate in our company’s revenue or profits by investing in Danglo And Prieto Mining in your country. Earn up to 50% of the profits from your investment or invested capital. Investing starting today will begin to change your financial life by becoming an investor partner of our company Danglo And Prieto Mining with all the magnitude of having you as an investor.
Danglo And Prieto Mining will help you achieve financial independence by growing together with our company and brand, gaining the financial freedom you need, increasing your income and prospering your economy starting today by investing your capital in our company with excellence. Leave your money to work for your own benefit in a solid and 100% legal company built for everyone who wants to have solid financial independence.
Our contract is valid from the day of the investment applied and has the durability within 1 year and 4 months, not preventing the investor from having several investments or packages within the company. This temporary partnership with a maximum term of 16 months starting from the day of application.
The investor will receive as follows. In every 4 months the investor will receive 12.5% ​​of the profit and 25% of his investment or applied capital, returning to the investor adding a total of 37.5% that the investor received in every 4 months. At the end of the contract, the investor will have received the total amount in the percentage equivalent to 150%, adding investment of 100% and profit of 50%. Regardless of the package chosen by the investor from the minimum to the maximum of the packages available here in this form on the website. At the end of the contract, the investor may renew or not renew the contract, the choice is at the discretion of the investing partner. Payments are made automatically to the indicated bank account or Bitcoin wallet or made available by an investor at the time of registration. We have no fees that you will be charged at some point.
By investing in Danglo And Prieto Mining with 10 years of experience in the market, a company operated since 2010. Operating in more than 14 sectors with strong and sustainable projects and businesses, all legalized businesses. The investor will be dealing with a solid company, thus protecting its capital from risks and making a smart choice by betting on the legitimate companies operating in various markets under the Danglo And Prieto Mining brand. Investing in a single business plan and projections made up of several businesses at Danglo And Prieto Mining.

Our plan
investment was carefully designed to ensure the sustainability and health of our company and to provide benefits and profits for our investors in a guaranteed manner. Our company has no durability term because it operates in sustainable markets and sectors that are infinite and that are part of the daily life of human life forever day after day.

We have no monthly fees and we are not a Multilevel company and we are not just a website either. We are Danglo And Prieto Mining companies and brands that have several types of projects and an Online TV with virtual e-commerce with various information and videos available here on the website. Visit the Services and Projects to learn more about us here on the website.
We operate in different sectors in the market. we have been offering our investors guaranteed profitable returns generated through the billing of our operations. We have businesses and physical products, factories of different products and we provide services with many partnerships in several countries in the world. We import and export products to different countries. Etc
Our investment packages start from $ USD 500.00 dollars thus making it accessible for anyone in any country to become the investor. Enjoying a return on your investment sitting at your home, the investor invests capital and the company works and together we grow. By filling in the form to invest, the investor accepts our term and conditions of temporary partnership with a term of 16 months. We guarantee good wishes and good wishes for the success of your investment and your capital invested in our company.

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